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Warpforge: Now on Mobile!

Warpforge, is a free-to-play digital collectible card game, released by Games Workshop. "Set in the 41st millennium, Warpforge brings together the major factions of the Warhammer 40,000 universe as digital cards for players to collect and do battle with in brutal and fast-paced skirmishes."

As the mobile version is now available, we downloaded the game to check it out! The mechanics are very similar to Magic the Gathering, in that your cards have a strength and toughness, called their Melee Attack or Ranged Attack and their Health Points. Once a card's health is reduced to zero, it is destroyed.

It appears that there are various weapons and abilities that you can drag onto the battlefield, to either give your cards buffs, or to damage your opponent's cards. As in Magic the Gathering, your cards that have just entered the battlefield are unable to attack, similar to "Summoning Sickness". We played through the Tutorial and unlocked a beginner's Ultra Marine deck to practice with. Cards, feature keywords such as Vanguard, Blast, Ephemeral, Camouflage and Rally. If you deploy a Vanguard unit, your opponent has to target that card, before they can attack your other cards. As you progress through your turns, you gain additional "energy" which enables you to play more powerful cards. The interface seems quite user friendly, with a drag and drop method mechanic for playing cards. The graphics are reasonable, although the cards do look quite small on mobile devices. There are some nice sound effects and dialogue. So far, we have only played a couple of games of Warpforge but it is worth downloading to see what it's all about. Follow the links below, to join the early access:


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