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Welcome to the gritty and treacherous world of Necromunda, a riveting tabletop skirmish game that immerses players in the perilous depths of an industrial hive city teeming with rival gangs, shadowy alliances, and ruthless power struggles.


What is it?

In Necromunda, players delve into the sprawling underworld of one of the Imperium of Man's most infamous hive cities, where the law of the underhive is dictated by violence and survival of the fittest.

Take command of your own gang, navigating the treacherous labyrinths, abandoned factories, and polluted streets while engaging in brutal skirmishes, turf wars, and daring heists to secure your place in the unforgiving urban landscape.

Join Us

Join us at our tabletop gaming club as we navigate the treacherous underhive, scheme for dominance, and build a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating the ruthless and immersive saga that is Necromunda.


Unleash your cunning, master the art of survival, and leave your mark on the brutal streets of Necromunda.

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