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Our friendly team of Admin's works hard behind the scenes to ensure that the Club runs smoothly. Their responsibilities include organising Wednesday evening sessions,
tournaments and even purchasing terrain for the club.


The Admin team will be happy to answer any questions you have about visiting the Club and are your first port of call to voice any ideas or concerns.


Richard Dodd

Role: Club beat-stick (Chairman)

Most played games: Warhammer 40k. Also enjoys D&D, RPG's, Twilight Imperium and MTG.

Interesting facts: Rich, is part of the Welsh national Warhammer 40k team and his life goal is to win a game against Kev, one day! (Not limited to 40k.)

David Harkness

Role: Club Quartermaster and 3D Printer

Most played game: Warhammer 40k

Also Enjoys: Will pretty much try anything, spend too much money on it and play it once, before getting bored!

Enjoys most GW, Star Wars, MCP. RPGs including DM'ing as well as board games, of which he has backed far too many on Kickstarter!


Fun fact: Dave used to be a D.J.

David Harkness.jpg
Kev Hughes_edited.jpg

Kev Hughes

Role: Club Treasurer

Most played game: Warhammer 40K

Also enjoys: Most table top skirmish games, Twilight Imperium, RPG's and board games.

Interesting fact: Kev, is Captain of the Warhammer 40k Welsh national team.

Danny Denoven

Role: Club Admin and Painting Hoe

Most played games : Currently 40k, although Danny also enjoys MTG, Alien RPG and Star Wars one-shots.

Fun fact: Danny, once won a game against Kev!
Kev: "Two, actually!"

Danny Denoven.jpg

Daf Bray

Role: Club Admin/The Club Punch Bag (Random Kid in the admin team for no reason at all)

Most Played Games: Warhammer 40k, various RPG's and Star Wars Shatterpoint.

Interesting Fact: Daf, has six toes on one foot and identifies as a wooden stool.

Alex Rea

Role: Club Admin/Website Manager

Mostly plays: Warhammer 40k.

Also enjoys: Twilight Imperium, Arkham Horror, RPG's, MTG and tabletop skirmish games.

Other interests: Alex, plays poker in the Nut Poker League, enjoys metal detecting and driving his Ford Mustang.


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