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Welcome to the shadowed alleys and twisted landscapes of Mordheim, a grim and dark fantasy skirmish game born in the year 1999 by the minds at Games Workshop.

While its official journey may have ended in 2004, the legacy of Mordheim lives on through the dedicated efforts of its creator and an ever-vibrant player base.

If you're eager to dive into the war-torn streets of this forgotten city in the 21st century, please read on for details of how to get started.

A game of Mordheim at Wrexhammer Gaming Club

Getting Started

For the uninitiated, Mordheim beckons with a mix of macabre tales and strategic gameplay.

To kick off your journey, head over to, a growing repository of Mordheim rules and materials, both official relics and fan-crafted wonders.

There, you'll find the beating heart of Mordheim—its rulebook. Download sections one, two, and three from the downloads page for the most up-to-date compendium, including essential Errata.


Now, as you peruse Broheim, you'll encounter a grading system that classifies materials into 1A, the sanctified official releases, and 1B, the wild siblings that, while not officially sanctioned, still play well in the Mordheim sandbox.

Dive into the ratings, and, in the spirit of chaos, choose with your playing group which grades will colour your campaign. Starting with a 1A rating ensures a stable initiation into the world of Mordheim.


Bear in mind, that Mordheim is a game where balance is more fable than fact, but fear not, for Games Workshop still offers a plethora of miniatures that are suitable for Mordheim.

The game is inherently model-agnostic, welcoming a flood of third-party creations into its dark embrace. Broheim provides a helpful list of popular third-party manufacturers to broaden your horizons.

A game of Mordheim at Wrexhammer Gaming Club

When it comes to forging alliances and seeking guidance, three major Mordheim communities stand as beacons: Facebook, the grandest stage; Reddit, the labyrinthine forum; and Discord, the clandestine meeting ground.

Join these enclaves, where the Mordheim faithful converge to share tales, find fellow players, and unravel the mysteries of this city lost in time.


And so, armed with your rulebook, chosen warband, and a host of eager companions, you stand on the precipice of Mordheim in the 21st Century.

May the weirdstone be plentiful, and may your journey through the haunted streets be as twisted and thrilling as the game itself.

Mordheim, is creating a buzz at Wrexhammer Gaming Club, so keep an eye out for players organising games, when we publish our weekly sign up post on Facebook.

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