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Unwrapping Joy: The Top 10 D&D Christmas One Shots

Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when gifts are exchanged, stockings are stuffed, and eggnog is savoured. If you're a Dungeons & Dragons player, it's also the perfect occasion to infuse your tabletop adventures with the spirit of the season. And who could forget the iconic Christmas Dungeons and Dragons campaign played by the cast of The Big Bang Theory in the episode "The Santa Simulation"? As we countdown our 10 best D&D Christmas one shots for 5e, let's channel the nerdy camaraderie of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Stuart.* Below is a holiday-themed list that even the Big Bang crew would approve of!

10. There’s Snow Place Like Home Embark on a classic D&D Christmas journey designed for Level 4 to 5 characters. Save the holidays in the gnomish town of Cheerington as you face the humbug-loving demon Belsnickel. With festive monsters, maps, and magical items, it's a 3 to 4-hour adventure of combat, exploration, and roleplaying. Get it on DMsGuild

9. Once Upon a Winter’s Eve Mix Christmas cheer with classic D&D tropes in this Level 5 to 7 adventure set in the village of Pinedale. Confront a deadly fey, the Winter Queen, amidst a magical blizzard. Complete with full-colour maps, new monster stat blocks, and Christmas-themed magic items, this 4 to 6-hour one shot is a perfect addition to winter campaigns. Get it on DMsGuild

8. Danger In A Midwinter Wonderland Journey to the Noel Isles to find Winter’s Father gone missing. Created by Asa Wheatley, this Level 4 to 5 adventure unfolds in a wintery wonderland and can be completed in 3 to 4 hours. Encounter holiday-themed magic items, and face new monsters, including the bloodthirsty Krampus. Get it on DMsGuild

7. The Nutcracker Experience a D&D twist on the beloved Nutcracker story. Designed for Level 5 characters, this 3 to 4-hour adventure involves rescuing the Queen from the evil Mouse King. Infiltrate the lair, battle merry monsters, and enjoy a smart TTRPG twist on a classic holiday tale. Get it on DMsGuild

6. Last Christmas In this unique one shot, players aim to save Christmas by taking down a corrupted Santa. Play as iconic characters like the Easter Bunny or Ebenezer Scrooge, racing against a ticking clock. With custom maps, new monster stat blocks, and handouts, it's a festive race against time. Get it on DMsGuild

5. In the Black Midwinter Designed for Level 2 to 4 characters, this festive adventure by Simon Perrins unfolds in a remote village battling a demonic Krampus-like being. Explore holiday-themed monsters and magic items in this 3 to 4-hour quest. Get it on DMsGuild

4. Winter’s Splendor An official Wizards of the Coast Adventurers League module, this Level 1 to 4 adventure in Waterdeep offers 2 hours of Christmas-themed action. Uncover the secrets behind demonic forces disrupting the Midwinter Gala at Cassalanter Villa. Get it on DMsGuild

3. Not a Creature Was Stirring Perfect for new players and Dungeon Masters, this Level 1 adventure in Ambershandy delivers 1 to 2 hours of festive action. Battle a cloven-hoofed creature spreading evil presents and uncover the dark source behind its power. Get it on DMsGuild

2. How the Lich Stole Christmas Based on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, this scalable adventure by Wizard Sleeve Studios offers 3 to 4 hours of rhyming fun. Players join the narrative with Dr. Seuss-inspired rhymes, facing demonic snowmen and Santa-hat sporting Kobolds. Get it on DMsGuild

1. Claus for Concern Our top pick by B.J. Keeton, Claus for Concern, is designed for Level 1 to 5 characters and promises 3 to 4 hours of play. Dive into the story of Santa’s workshop overrun by evil forces, with original maps, magic items, NPCs, and monsters. It's the perfect choice for some holiday gaming magic. Get it on DMsGuild

May Evil Santa, bless your party and lead you to victory in these festive D&D Christmas one shots! Keep an eye out for our weekly sign-up post, to book a table for your group. *Top Ten, as ranked by D&D player, Ollie Delano.


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