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40k Wales Teams in Cardiff

Club members travelled to the capital over the weekend, to participate in the Wales Teams Event at Firestorm Games.

(Pictured left to right: Alex Rea, Jon Phipps, Marcus Smith, Rich Dodd and Chris Bygrave.) Richard Dodd, captained the Wrexhammer team, who placed 6th overall in a competitive field. The armies deployed by the team were, World Eaters (Rich), Chaos Daemons (Chris), Chaos Knights (Marcus) and Tyranids (Jon and Alex). Wrexhammer, enjoyed a resounding 90-10 victory over the Gwent Reavers and drew against local rivals, Deeside Defenders. Below are some photos from the weekend, which can be scrolled from right to left.

After a hard day's battling, the team joined others from across Wales and beyond, for a meal at Viva Brazil. The food was outstanding, as was the company. After helping yourself to an all-you-can-eat buffet, the waiters bring over multiple skewers of delicious meats, which were consumed with gusto!

After dinner, some of the competitors hit the town; starting off with a trip to the nearby NQ64 Arcade Bar. While enjoying a drink, you can play one of the many arcade machines or games consoles. Mario Kart, was a popular choice.

While some players went back to the hotel early, others stayed out partying till the early hours and still made it to the second day for (nearly) 9AM! Firestorm Games, is an excellent venue and for those who haven't been, I highly recommend that you check it out if you get the chance. The ground floor has a large retail space, with every game you could imagine, along with paints and other modelling supplies. There are dedicated gaming areas on both floors, with a café and licenced bar upstairs.

The event was enjoyed by all and we would like to thank the organisers and sponsors for their hard work. Such was the success of the event, that a 6-man teams event has already been booked to return to Firestorm in September. Keep an eye out for further details.


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