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Welcome to the inaugural Wrexhammer 40k league, where club members will compete to determine who is the ultimate Champion!

We are looking to run the league from Wednesday 6th December, with games taking place on alternate weeks.

The cost of entry is £10 and you can sign up by adding your name to this Facebook post.

Please click here to view the league rules and how it will all work.

Below is a list of the people who are taking part, with a link to each person's army list:

Army Lists


Winning a round will score two points, a draw scores one point and you get zero points for a loss.

Results will be recorded and points scored from each game will be calculated using the WTC scoring structure (below) to create a league table.

How this works

At the end of your game you will each have a final score. The difference between your Victory Points and your opponent's, will give you a score between 0-20 using the WTC scoring table (which can be found below). This will be added to your overall score to be used as the decider (think football goal difference and you won't be far off!) 


It is important to finish the full five rounds and to scored correctly as each point will matter. Any games not reaching the end of round five will only be able to talk out the round they are on!(Multiple occurrences of not finishing games may lead to yellow cards and/or points penalties!)

WTC scoring table

Fixture List

Missions Rules

Weekly Missions

Each week, players will be given a predetermined set of Deployment Zones, Primary Missions and Mission Rules. 

These can be found in the Gallery below and are a handy reference if you need to plan your tactics in advance.

League Table

League Table

The current standings will be displayed below. Please report your results to Alex Rea, at or to Rich Dodd, at or drop us a line in the chat.

Please report any inaccuracies or issues with your results, as soon as possible so that we can update the league table.

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