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Mordheim: Unearth the Secrets

There is currently a buzz at the club around Mordheim, which is great to see. But what is Mordheim and how can you get started with playing the game? For a full intro and links to helpful resources, head on over to our brand new Mordheim page.

In addition to the rules, we have included links to the Mordheim communities on Facebook, Reddit and Discord, so there is plenty to delve into.

Did you know that we also have our own Mordheim group, on the Wrexhammer website? You can find our Groups in the dropdown menu. You can use our Groups to create posts, organise games and even share images and files. This means that our Mordheim Group is the perfect forum for your next campaign! In order to post in the Groups, you need to be a registered member of the site. It's a simple process to join and it's FREE. Simply enter your email address, or connect your Google or Facebook account to sign in. With such a buzz around Mordheim at the moment, keep an eye out for our weekly sign up posts on Facebook to come along and see a game in action, or to play with your own Warband of miniatures.


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